8 Tips to Make Money as a Developer

8 Tips to Make Money as a Developer

you in this article we’re going to talk about eight ways to make money as a software developer there are going to be some obvious tips some not so obvious ninja tips and then a little bonus tip at the end for you guys that I think you’re actually really going to enjoy so make sure you stick around for that .

I do want to mention that if you want to take your freelancing skills to the next level I have a masterclass it’s in the link below I’m not going to talk much more about it but it’s pretty awesome go check it out let’s continue I saw this article my first night and I was inspiring I was like we’re going to let me talk about this as well there are lots of different ways you can actually make an income as a developer and I feel like some of them are not as obvious to every single person and not every single person knows about them so in this article I’m going to share with you all of the ones that I figured out and did a lot of these personally and then which ones are the best you decide and then you go for that so let’s get started and get into it so number one obviously getting a developer job okay so if you get a job as a software developer you can be making an income that’s the most obvious let’s go to number two you get freelance as a developer so what does that mean you can actually get say a local client to pay you okay so freelancing is broken down into many different ways because it depends how you actually get the client okay so for two will say local clients you can go to clients and you could go to meetup.com and meet people there this way it’s easy for the people to get to know you like you and trust you because the see you face-to-face you actually have much more of a chance to be able to land a client that you meet locally number three you could do jobs on upwork.com now here’s the trick with upwork.com if you type in and you are looking at jobs so say you go to the job section on up work and you type in JavaScript okay and you are looking at different jobs that exist there if you look at things that say expert developer and you need to be able to do something with data science or machine learning or you need to be able to do stuff with the pot cheat or something you’re probably not going to be able to do it okay it’s going to be a little bit too complex so you got to know your level if you’re a beginner and you’re intermediate you want to look for maybe not a job that’ll pay you $15,000 you maybe want to look at a job they’ll pay you $5,000 that’s maybe building an online store it requires intermediate skill level and guess what it’s going to only take you a few months of experience to be able to build something like that so the eye you have to have the eye for what kind of project you can do .

If you’re even more beginner than that well then don’t do the thing that requires you three months of experience do the thing that pays you $300 that’s most likely going to be an entry-level thing maybe they wants you to write a little piece of code that can do something with CSV files or it tracks something on Amazon but those are all fairly simple things that you could actually be able to do with a few weeks of you know once you’re past like the very basics of coding you should be able to actually do this even if you’re a beginner on upward you gotta have an eye but upper calm is a great way to actually make money as a software developer number four tutoring now this is a thing that most people don’t actually talk about and I think it’s so fundamentally important and I don’t know why people don’t talk about this a lot but I think it’s a huge and a very important way to make an income as a developer especially a lot of you that are actually learning especially a lot of college students and computer science students I think this is so important for you guys and not just for you guys but like personally for me and even my close friends we have been able to make over 70 $80,000 a year just from teaching coding to other people and before I even began and started doing freelancing how’s teaching coding and the biggest reason is because in those days I myself was a beginner and so if I’m a beginner I am still able to teach somebody who has zero experience if you have two months of experience and you know if statements and you can write a while loop and a four loop and you can do very basic problems well somebody who has zero experience in coding and they don’t even know how to write print hello world they’re going to relate with you really well they’re going to be happy to work with you because you’re not that professor with five years experience or twenty years of experience who when like who they can’t resonate with you know we all have that professor that we can’t resonate with and we’re like with the help we don’t want to be around this guy and so you want to make sure that they want to make sure that they work with you because it’s easier for them to relate with you .

you were in their shoes just a few months ago so you’re actually going to be better instructor for them and you can be charging thirty five to fifty dollars or more even seventy five dollars an hour teaching them if you completely suck in your complete beginner of course you can’t be charging the fifty dollars an hour if you can’t do anything and you have terrible social skills and terrible speaking skills of course it’s not going to happen right but if you have decent social skills and decent communication skills and you have empathy and you care and you want to help somebody you can help the other person and you can be charging thirty five to fifty dollars an hour if not more so I’m going to now break it down in two different places you can actually apply so number four I’m going to say wise aunt so you can go on wise aunt and apply on wise ad to tutor people number five you can actually go to take since calm and apply by the way this article is not sponsored about wise aunt or take lessons those are the two platforms I used to use and my close friends used to use to be able to make an income number six I want to give this resource to you guys people per hour so there are a lot of people who are non United States when a constitute uhrin you might actually not be able to do it you know on wisent or take lessons because those I believe are primarily for United States so you might want to look into something called people per hour and you know Google also you can google the equivalent of a tutoring resource in your own country and people per hour is a good tutoring resource number seven code mentor now if you have any amount of experience in coding especially if you’re more advanced this is not a beginner friendly platform so if you’re a beginner do not look at code mentor dot IO but if you have like if you’re good or you’re advanced I mean this is your platform this is a highly it’s so curated and it’s so amazing for freelance developers who want to be able to help people and what I found on code mentors is the clients or also really incredibly skilled people and really amazing people in general so you’re not working with like little kids or people who have no idea about coding like you might be working with unwise ants or take lessons for people per hour but on code mentor you’re working with also really amazing people and so this is a great platform if you’re skilled as a developer and you can actually be making probably one of the probably the most amount of money and when it comes to teaching on code mentor there are a lot of developers I know that are actually making six figures on code mentor and absolutely killing it and have a great lifestyle so I would look into code mentor number eight YouTube now this is a bonus one but I want to mention this because there’s every developer Under the Sun is doing something with coding and on YouTube first of all of course there’s me .

I’m a developer and I’m on YouTube and then you have Joshua fluke and then you have Corey Schaffer and then you have Chris Hawk and then you have Johnson miss and then you have tech lead and you got Joe matech I mean oh my lord the list goes on the point is they all figured out the trick which has become a developer and make videos so did I it works there’s a huge niche for developers online and everybody and their frickin mother when they make a article on a day in the life as a software engineer it gets views I made one it got views and everybody else in the world makes one I just recently saw a day in the life of software engineer and it’s like parenthesis New York you know one month ago and it has like hundreds of thousands of views you know I know this kid Chris jury’s ax made go Chris Harris I don’t know how to say his name he made that and then he got on the map and like I know forest Knight has made something on this like literally everybody including me has made something on on these types of titles and it just gets a ton of views and you could be making a decent amount of income from just YouTube ad revenue especially if you’re getting lots of views I mean somebody like tech lead I mean this guy is probably getting what like 100 like 50 thousand is a safe to say fifty thousand a month right 25 thousand Tony let’s say plus it 25 thousand you know 250 thousand dollars a month just from ads on YouTube but then he’s also selling his own courses right I am selling my own products for anybody who’s interested in my products they go to my website and they go buy my product for anybody that’s interested in tech leads product they go to his website hit by his damn product the same thing with like Joma attack or whoever else right like it’s a similar pattern Joshua fluke he has his own products and he sells them and you know coding dojo has his prod like everybody has get out and at this point it’s not even like a guess it’s not even a is it actually going to work out for you I don’t know who has failed but like take my friend Tenzin he has a channel on what’s dev and he’s doing really well with it everybody has a chance at least for now

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