All sops of HTML

All sops of HTML

SOP 1 :   Creation of website using HTML5

Create a website using HTML5 and CSS using any 4 CSS properties. Write a code for 2 separate pages having different file names such as first page as Index. html and second page as page2.html. Use any theme such as college profile  or  company  profile  etc.  Every  page  must  contain  proper  Meta information and design web page as follows-

  1. The index page must contain a heading which is highest among other text on pages and must be at centre of the page. There must be a paragraph which introduces general information about the theme chosen must have at least 3 physical style tags and one image with alternate text. This page must be connected to other two pages with proper navigational links.
  2. The 2nd page must contain the feedback or enrolment form related with theme chosen with features of HTML5. The form must contain text element and email address of the company or person. Include the submit button.

SOP 2 :   Create a webpage using  HTML and CSS code to design a web page as the layout displayed below.

The top section will display the heading , ‘Tourist places’   in header. The section on the left has list of cities. The right hand side displays tourist places of any one of the city .

Use Inline style sheet in the top section to display background color for the text ‘Tourist places’. Use internal stylesheet for the left and right section with background color and font styles.

SOP 3 :   Create  a  website  using   HTML  and  CSS  code  to  design  webpages  as follows –

The  first  webpage  will  accept  the  name  of  the  traveller,  date  of  travel  , telephone number . It also has submit button as an image .

The second webpage has information about the name of transporter, time , seat no and destination displayed one below the other in the form of unordered list as

Name of transporter – Air Asia Time – 09:30 am

Seat no – B39 Destination – Delhi

Both pages should be interlinked.  Create external stylesheet  with relevant tags.

SOP 4 :   Creation of website using HTML5 and CSS.

Create a webpage as given layout use <nav>,<header>,<footer>,<aside>,

<article> with CSS.

SOP 5 :   Use of Audio on web pages using HTML5.

Create a webpage named audio.html to set an audio file in web page with controls such that it uses HTML5 elements. The audio file must play as soon as  the  webpage  loads  in  browser  and  it  will  start  over  again,  every  time when it is completed.

Create another webpage named audio1.html which provides multiple source file formats for the same audio file that plays a sound automatically with controls. The browser should display the message with appropriate attribute, when audio file is not supported by browser. The code must incorporate the list of sound files formats (like wav, MP3 or ogg etc).

SOP 6 :   Use of video on web pages using html5.

Create a webpage named video.HTML to display a video file on web page and plays automatically with controls. The dimension of video area should be 150 * 150 pixels.

Create another webpage which provide multiple source file formats for the same audio file that plays a sound automatically with controls. The dimension of  video  area  should  be  100*100  pixels.  The  browser  should  display  the message  with  appropriate  attribute  when  audio  file  is  not  supported  by browser.  The  code  must  incorporate  the  list  of  video  files  formats  (like webM, MP4 or ogg etc).

SOP 7 :   Navigation on an image using Client side image Mapping in web page using html 5.

  • Create a webpage named imagemap. html with an inserted image having jpeg, png or gif extension. Create 3 different shapes (like rectangle, circle and polygon) which do not overlap. Note the co-ordinates making use of Ms-Paint/GIMP/IrfanView/Pinta. Each shape should be mapped or navigate with  a  different  URL  that  should navigate to a local webpage.

SOP 8 :   Use of SEO methodology to improvise the website.

  • Select a website.
  • Use an appropriate SEO software and list out the page optimization requirements.
  • Write down at least 4 suggestions to optimise the web pages.
  • Write importance of SEO.

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