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today i’m going to share with you the number one marketing strategy for growing your online business be able to get more attention to be able to promote your products and services to be able to build your brand get more traffic in my opinion it’s a number one skill that you really need to grow develop and master if you really want to accelerate your online business and build your brand it’s what I spend the majority of my time doing in my business throughout my day because I’ve been able to outsource almost everything else and for me it’s the most valuable part of my day most valuable action and activity that I engage in in my business that helps me really grow it make more of an impact attract more people and of course make more money and whether or not you have a business whether you’re just getting started you have the goal the aspiration to build your business I think it’s important to understand that this is a skill that you develop it’s something that you could do right now today right now after reading this regardless of whether or not you even have a business okay you can start to develop it and grow it and what that skill is what that strategy is is content marketing okay content marketing now let’s take a little bit of a step back what is the internet made up of what’s the entire internet made up of well my answer to that is content text images video audio that’s really different types of content that your entire entire internet is made up of weather right now you go through your Facebook feed and they’re seeing that post that your friend just made or that image that he posted of what he did last weekend that’s content whether it’s a video or a live stream or them sharing something right you scroll through and you’re seeing all these different links and forms of content they’re either hosted on Facebook or linked to other websites on the Internet you click those links and they’re reading articles or watching videos you’re listening to a podcast whether you go to your email right now and you’re reading emails that’s a form of content clicking on the links to the blog and the website or message boards other forms of content as well whether that’s on your Twitter again your Instagram right now watching this video on YouTube you’re consuming content and hopefully the content that you’re consuming is good and useful and valuable and is enhancing your life in some way of course not all content will write some content .

you just kind of blindly kind of scroll through and it doesn’t have that much value or impact for you now here’s the key the key to build an online business is not to be just a content consumer although we all are but to spend more time creating content than consuming it okay you’ve got to become a content creator not just a content consumer now don’t get me wrong consuming content is great that’s what allows you to to develop your knowledge or skills to learn more right and hopefully again you’re being strategic about that you’re not just blindly you know consuming random content and low-quality content that’s not really enhancing your life in any way you want to be strategic for me I know that my attention my mind is very very valuable and I’m not just going to feed whatever into it okay there are certain people that I follow the certain people that I consume the content from I like to get more high-quality and premium content by investing in training and courses and coaches etc and going to seminars and reading books so that I can really make sure that if I am consuming content it’s the most valuable most important content that I can consume okay rather than just a lot of other stuff out there that in my opinion isn’t that valuable can also have some negative effects that you consume too much content because sometimes you can send too much content and you get information overload right you get analysis paralysis where it’s just all in your head but you’re not living level two and three of mastery which is doing and living so content creation is really key okay you still want to consume content be strategic about it make sure it’s important the most valuable type of content you’re not just wasting time although there are some types of content that you’re getting benefit in value whether it’s humor entertainment I think that can be useful as well okay but let’s talk about creating content becoming a content creator right now whether you know it or not you most likely already are a content creator okay if you leave a comment below a video that’s a form of content if you’re posting on your face but a picture of what you did today on the weekend that’s content whether it’s on your Instagram or sending out emails to people you’re writing you’re typing you’re taking pictures or recording videos you’re creating your ideally already creating content okay now the question is is are you being strategic as well about the content that you’re creating not just what you’re consuming be strategic with that but also strategic in the content that you’re creating meaning are you making sure that the content you’re creating you’re putting out there is actually valuable okay it’s actually quality it’s actually something that’s relevant to the niche the market that you’re in you know and or are you just randomly putting out low-quality content or not really thinking about the content that you’re putting out there in the world okay so what I believe is that to grow your business you’ve already going to know okay what’s the niche or market that you’re in okay if it’s health and fitness great if it’s dating relationships great if it’s business and marketing awesome if it’s self-development awesome whatever the niche market that you’re in you got to strategically create content in that nation market that number one adds value to people okay it actually adds value to people which requires you to get outside of yourself for a moment and focus on meeting someone else’s needs on adding value to someone else actually helping and making an impact that’s why I love content marketing and online business is that you only really make money and get attention when you’re worthy of it when you first demonstrated value when you first give in and selfishly give in to someone else to be able to serve them in some way by doing so they’re going to follow you they’re going to want more because they receive some sort of benefit and value from that and then of course they’re going to maybe eventually want to become a customer or sign up for a product or service that you might have that’s what’s great about it you never get rewarded if your content is garbage right if you’re putting out you know garbage content out there then I can tell how well you’re going to do that by the results you’re likely getting.

right now I can tell probably by the quality of content you’re putting out it’s not adding value because if it was people would be attracted to it and they want they want to follow you if you get get the traffic and subscribers and followers and whatnot again so are you as you’re confident adding value okay is it quality okay and also is it relevant to the nation market that you’re trying to attract the target market right so for example if you’re in the health and fitness space are you creating content that’s valuable and relevant to people that want it the healthier they want to lose weight they want to gain muscle or whatever their goals are is it targeted to them is it relevant to them very very important all right and then also you’ve got to make sure you optimize the content so that you can attract people as well now let me take a little bit of step back there’s many different ways of creating content as I said whether that’s on social media on Facebook or whether that’s writing articles on a blog or you’ve been creating YouTube videos or a podcast whatever it might be okay there’s many different ways of creating content and you’ve got to identify okay what are the ways that I’m going to develop in my business that I’m going to improve my content my content creation ability and skill okay maybe you decided you’re going to start a blog in which case you got to decide you know I’m going to start blogging maybe a few times a week or at least once a week and I’m going to create an article that’s quality that’s adding value that that’s relevant to the nation market that I’m in again if it’s health and fitness you’re going to write an awesome article and again you’re going to put other people’s needs above your own if you publish garbage then no one’s going to be attracted to that no one’s going to want more no one’s going to follow you if you publish quality content that really adds value people receive it they read it or like wow this is great this is going to really help me and they more importantly actually implement it to their life and take action with it and they get some sort of result or they make some form of progress guess what they’re going to go out thank you so much that was so helpful thanks for the advice and they’re going to possibly become a follower or a fan of yours they’re going to keep coming back for more that might potentially buy a product or service that you might recommend or endorse okay so that’s how that works the same thing goes with video and the same thing goes with social media so you really got to understand and know your market and you’ve got to really up your standards of the quality of content you’re creating and then based on the strategy you’re implementing whether that’s you know writing articles and you’ve got to learn how to optimize that by learning search engine optimization so that you can rank your content in the search engines or if it’s on YouTube you’re going to understand how YouTube works and you got to be able to optimize your content for certain keywords and optimize it the most efficient way so that you can attract more people same thing goes with your social media content you learn how to optimize that and learn how Facebook works how Instagram works and actually make sure that you master it you go deep with it you don’t just stay at the surface okay and that’s really important as well you have to be able to optimize your content and market it in some way because maybe you have great content maybe your content is really valuable maybe it is really making a difference but maybe it’s dying at your lips because you don’t know how to optimize it you don’t know how to really get it out there and promote it and rank it for keywords and be able to get it you know as many eyeballs as possible in front of that so content marketing guys the number one way and how you can develop that is number one be conscious of it that you’re already creating content with whether again it’s on your Facebook Instagram or whatever and what I challenge you to do is try to improve it try to make your content better try to you know create more content maybe it’s taking more photos and sharing that on social media maybe it’s developing your writing skills and you might be saying to me right now Stefon but I’m not a great writer my English isn’t that great it doesn’t matter you can grow you can develop that’s what the whole self development industry is about it’s not it’s understanding that you’re not fixed you’re not just a tree you can move you grow you can develop the best way it did it grow and develop is by printing content right by writing and maybe it’s you know putting yourself in front of the camera and practicing getting better and better at that and improving their speaking skills or communication skills because when you create content in my opinion you grow and you develop more than you do just by consuming it consuming content is great but I found for myself by me sharing and trading and putting it out there it actually helps me more than anyone else it helps me internalize what I’ve learned that much more it helps me communicate in a much better way and I think these are very important be able to have in our life whether it’s speaking communicating that’s going to help your relationships it’s going to help you in business whether it’s writing that’s going to help you in your life as well these are all valuable skills that for the process of content creation helps us grow and develop now here’s the other thing I’ll mention this metal wrap-up you can create the content yourself which like I said is it might be the most valuable marketing strategy out there okay in fact even a lot of pay-per-click advertising campaigns are content oriented because that’s what converts the best and then oftentimes a lot of the advertisements they send someone to a form of content which give you a sales page or a video sales letter so content is really what you know even you know pay-per-click advertising whatever it might be it’s the number .

one way it’s what the internet is made up okay so you go to embrace it you’re going to learn develop it or you can outsource it you can hire someone else to do it for you okay or you can partner with someone that maybe it’s a great content creator that can represent your brand and your product and they they can be the content creator for you ok so there’s different ways of going about it for me I decided to really grow and develop it because to outsource it at the quality and standard that I really want that’s going to help me grow my business would cost so much money it’d be the most expensive things for evil as outsource I can outsource almost everything else in my business I can outsource the management the customer support I can own source the social media marketing I can outsource copywriting I can outsource graphic design and programming okay I can outsource all of that stuff and still get a great job of doing that in a very cost-efficient way but on the other hand content is something that if I already try to replace myself and be looking at paying someone you know a couple hundred dollars an hour it’s not over a thousand dollars now or to purchase the same level of content that I create so that’s why for me I decided okay you know what this is the number one skill that’s built my business my brand it’s the number one thing that’s built a lot of businesses out there so I’m gonna really develop and master it as a strategy for really marketing my and really growing it to a whole new level and what I enjoy the most is what helps me grow massively and also helps make a huge impact and difference in other people’s lives and you know as many different ways of doing it like I said many different ways whether it’s social media whether it’s video whether it’s articles pick the strategies you want to learn and master go deep with it and then utilize them and practice them to grow your business ok that’s my advice and hopefully this can really help you guys to grow your business at a whole new level you know my affiliate marketing mastery course is right there really deep until all the different strategies I utilize on social media video blogging to create content and attract people to me you can learn more about that at Philly’s marketing mastery com other than that I want to offer you guys a free course if you haven’t already been through it and this is a free course that I put together that shares seven different online ways of making money online different ways that I’ve been able to make money online and grow and you get access to that at projects like master comm slash free course ok project like master comm slash free course 100 percent free there’ll be a link below in the description for you for that but I want to thank you guys for watching make sure to hit the thumbs up button or subscribe for more videos and I’ll talk to you guys again soon take care you

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