How to make money by blogging in 2021

How to make money by blogging in 2021

People ever wanted to start a blog but never had any idea on how to do it or maybe you feel like you’re tech illiterate and you have no idea where to actually begin well in this article i want to share with you how to start a blog and launch it the right way where you make money on day one even with zero experience .

Maybe you want to start a blog you want to start your own website you want to start documenting the things that you’re passionate about and you want to start making money doing the things that you love doing but you just have no idea where to actually get started well guys this is the article that i wish i had when i first launched my blog you know my blog has been making me a full-time living for the past couple of years it has allowed me to travel around the world right now i’m in bali and to really make enough as well as save enough so that i could just focus all on my future financial freedom journey and as amazing as having a blog is it’s just always overwhelming when first getting started especially with the technical side of things and you have to figure out how to make money and all of it is just like confusing especially me because i’m extremely tech literate so what i’m gonna do for this article is i’m gonna teach you how to set it up with less than 10 minutes as well as launching it so you’re not just having a blog that just collects dust for no reason okay the first thing you need to ask yourself is what are you gonna actually blog about you know there’s so many ways to make money but the problem is is most people chase the money instead of chasing what it is that they want to blog about one thing that i did for me was i asked myself well what am i passionate about well i’m passionate about fitness i’m passionate about documenting my financial journey i’m fascinated about marketing and sales and online businesses and whatnot i’m also very well excited when it comes to you know finding ways to travel hack or credit card hack and all these things in the moment i did that i made a long list of all the things that i was passionate about and i saw which one of these would actually make money and what i mean by that asking which one of these would make money i’d ask myself is there a need for my passions because sometimes you’re passionate about something but sometimes you know there’s no need in the world like as passionate as i am about painting you know the need for my specific painting wouldn’t necessarily be feeling a demand in the world it might be some nice thing someone could buy from etsy but it’s not actually filling an actual problem and one way to do that is to figure out if you can monetize what it is that you are passionate about so what i have right here is a list of some of the top 10 affiliate programs to start off with when you are blogging and and i did all the research for you so you don’t have to right and many people start their blog and then figure out a way to make money when it’s actually the other way around you need to first figure out how you’re going to make money and then start your blog so for example especially with what you’re passionate about you could see right here if you’re passionate in the cameras you could just start with affiliate program on amazon where you could refer anything to amazon and you could get paid for that right so you could see cameras or if you are a mom and you are very passionate about your baby you could start selling like a bunch of strollers which is a good price point and as you can see before you can figure out what you’re passionate and what you want to create content on you need to figure out .

If you could actually make money by certain products one of those for example is referral marketing if you send anybody through this link that you could get from amazon’s affiliate program which just go to affiliate slash that is a good hint that you could actually make money from that another one is if you just like recommending things so if you want to be like in the online jobs portal and you want to recommend people with jobs you will earn up to 15 for every paid subscription that you send them another thing is skillshare a lot of people come and learn skills online so depending on what skill you like if it’s cooking if it’s eating if it’s traveling if it’s editing there’s a skill out there that you know you could essentially sell right so you can see why when it comes to starting a blog we need to figure out how we’re actually going to make money from it okay so many people go on their blog and like you know what i want to blog and i want to just paint things and i want to make money but they don’t actually know how they’re actually going to make money right skillshare is one where you earn seven dollars for every new customer you refer to skillshare so that’s pretty exciting another one is freshbooks especially if you’re serving like the online business and online marketing space we all need to figure out our accounting right and the thing is instead of traditional accounting we now can use cloud accounting which is amazing but the thing is most people don’t know about it so if you create a bunch of articles and you’re very passionate about about finances and building your own online business this is something that you could easily recommend as well where you could actually make money another one is adobe okay so if you are an editor if you’re a photographer if you like doing presets on instagram or whatever you could actually recommend adobe things like photoshop in lightroom and whatnot you get 85 of the first month for commissions and you can see it’s 72 72 all in all a lot of online creators use this why not actually get paid for it another one is leadpages okay so for people that are starting a blog they need to figure out how to capture the email so leadpages will actually give you 50 of commissions every single month right so when you see the passive income and the residual income it’s because they’re recommending products that pay them on a monthly basis so if you want to start your blog and make money and launch it on day one this is a good thing to start seeing okay well which one of these affiliate programs do i actually want to recommend so that once i actually launch my blog i know exactly how i’m gonna make money another one is shopify you know i did a lot of shopify back in the day and i did really good money but what i also did really good money on was recommending this software as well so many people want to start their own physical products businesses maybe they want to sell you know red bandanas or sunglasses or blue buddhas back there but they don’t know exactly how to create their own e-commerce site instead of you trying to start your own e-commerce site what if you were the one that sold shovels in the gold rush and you just recommended people how to actually teach them how to use shopify so this is another good one i made a lot of good money just recommending shopify it was a lot more easier than actually starting an e-commerce site in my opinion another one is aweber you know this serves like the online entrepreneur community a lot of people need to send emails and this like leadpages pays you every single month right so that’s one of the big things when you start a blog you need to figure out not just how you can make money right now but how can you get paid every single month i recommend you know email autoresponders just like this because everybody needs email marketing when it comes to an online business so why not i get a percentage of everybody’s subscriptions every single time they use this imagine every single time you recommended netflix to somebody and they bought it because your recommendation right imagine getting a percentage of that netflix subscription this is a powerful thing when it comes to figuring out a way to make money with your blog and launching it on day one just finding the right ones that work with you and the best thing for me is i recommend the things that i already use because it just comes natural and of course if you like selling courses or if you think that you could serve the people that are selling courses thinkific is a really good one you could see that you could earn up to eleven hundred dollars per referral per year how amazing is that guys you can see where all of this starts adding up especially now when you look at your blog in terms of just a marketing end of things okay at the end of the day right all you need to do to make money is you need to have a product and you need to find a way to sell that product which is your blog and then you need to find a way to market your project which is either pinterest or youtube or google and of course another one as well is teachable right and it gives 30 commissions with a 90-day cookie meaning if anybody clicks on your link within 90 days they will give you money if they have bought so now that you have chosen your niche or the things that you’re passionate about you’ve seen which ones you could basically sell from you could see from all of these you can basically make money from anything you know we have you know the people that are cooks the people that want to sell to business owners we have the people that want to recommend jobs and make 15 per commission we have the people that maybe want to sell strollers you could see from all of these that there’s so many ways to make money now you just gotta find a way to host it on a place where you could actually do the selling right now the thing about the blog is it needs to have real estate online right so if you think about you know starbucks they have to go and rent like this entire building and then they could sell coffee or if you invest in a mcdonald’s you would need to get the real estate on the right corner for you to be seen to the people that are actually going to buy mcdonald’s the thing about a blog is you need to have your own virtual online real estate that you need to also invest in right so if you just check on the second link below you could see that uh this is exactly what i did when i first got started and it literally takes like five minutes to get this up and running and get your online real estate like i said renting a piece of internet for your blog to call home think about this you know how much is it to rent an office if you are a doctor how much is it to pay for electricity for water for plumbing you know when it comes to a physical location when you get the real estate for a brick-and-mortar business or a shop that you want to sell close down there is like tens of thousands of dollars of expenses you have to deal with now the thing about the online real estate with your blog is it’s only like three to five dollars a month right and like i said it takes five minutes to get started so all you got to do is just click on that on the second link below it’s an affiliate link too by the way so i would get a small commission for anyone that goes through that link and the good thing is you get a free domain for the first year so when i first got started i bought a domain and i’d have to pay like 50 bucks to 60 bucks because i bought it for a couple of years here if you go to that link you just save money all i gotta do is just get started now with all of these what i would actually recommend is just go for the cheaper option all of these are all right but you know if you’re a beginner you don’t have to get started with the pro even though this has recommended i would just get started with like 3.95 one and here is where you could actually get a free domain so the problem with me is i didn’t want to pigeonhole myself to a specific product right so if i wanted to sell strollers in the beginning and say i’m a single mother uh wanting to make money recommending expensive strollers i wouldn’t want to just name it stroller because what if i don’t want to sell strollers for the rest of my life what if i want to start you know recommending things on skillshare or e-commerce things or email marketing platforms or course things because these are the products .

If you look at my blog ever since that i’ve been doing it since literally 2016 i talk about everything you know from interviewing multi-millionaires to you know talking about emotional intelligence to talking about my health and fitness and depression and making money online and saving money and starting businesses and creating passive there’s just like so many of my interests that came to starting a blog that i didn’t want to pigeonhole myself to a specific thing so for you guys what i would just recommend is just your name it’s not that hard everyone can start remembering it and as you start writing your brand and online presence starts growing but if you don’t want to use your name that’s fine i would just use more of a blo a broad term so for example if you’re a mother i would just be like blog mommy and i’ll just click on next and as you can see this domain is free so i was able to get it available so then all i needed to do is just fill in my information as well as choosing the right plan so the longer you get it the cheaper it is and just remember to think about it like a business right how many times are you spending five dollars a month on things you know a netflix account maybe people spend five dollars a day on starbucks and they complain that they have no money imagine this as your only online investment to start your own in business like where can you go to actually have a business where your only overhead cost is three dollars a month right so if you want to treat it like a business which i recommend you do i would go for the longer options so that way you know that there’s no quitting after this and you are committing to making this happen for me i got the 36 month plan when i got started because i knew that this was when this wasn’t going to be one of those things where i was going to put my toe in and dabble i knew that this was going to be the reason that i was going to create freedom for myself so i chose the 36 month plan and other than that you’re already good to go you don’t need any of the extra packages so you could just save yourself money there and then you just put in your payment information and go so the moment you’ve done that then that leaves to the fun part which is the marketing aspect of things so this is where the money comes into play because you already have the product you have the product sitting on the real estate right so you have your starbucks coffee and you have the starbucks location on a very highly trafficked area now you just need to find the right roads and the right intersections to put your starbucks location at if you kind of catch my grift with the metaphor and a lot of the places are for example pinterest as well as youtube but let’s talk about pinterest for now because it’s like a lot easier especially if you’re camera shy uh how i think of creating content to be put in front of these people is i would just type in here and type in all pins and i would just type in for example best and then insert products right so best uh let’s say if we wanted to sell strollers best strollers list best strollers 2020 and you could see exactly what type of content that you need to create to actually make money from this from day one you just put it up on pinterest it’s very easy to create you just go on canva which is absolutely free to make these images as you can see you can see some of the examples of how i was able to make pinnable images for my pinterest and if you don’t know how to use pinterest we have a complete tutorial in the link below but we just see what people are already looking for so for example this person 10 best baby shoulders of 2020.

we pull this up and this is exactly how this person is making money right look at this 238 shares most of it from pinterest and all of them recommending baby strollers that are most likely getting sent straight to amazon so that’s exactly how marketing happens you research exactly what people would search if the product that you want to sell is the thing that you want to make money so for example editing software right for adobe or photoshop look at this best editing software for photography for youtube for photography these are all the keywords that would give you ideas to create content another thing that i like doing is checking other social media platforms and just seeing where they’re getting their content to so i can just type in best editing software and all of these are blog articles or videos that you could actually create to send them to your affiliate links okay so that is one of the biggest secrets when it comes to marketing you don’t have to invent what you’re actually going to create content for to attract the audience to come and buy from you you just literally need to type in and let the magic of pinterest search or youtube search to find what contents that you should actually talk about and like i said this works for everything and anything possible if you just type in the word best and then some type of keyword of people searching for that thing it’s going to tell you all the things that you could create content for and then all you got to do is just look in pinterest and usually it’s like a number right so 10 best something 10 best baby strollers the best stroller travel system for expecting parents you can virtually see as long as you have a plan of what product you want to sell it makes it so much easier you don’t be like the blogger that comes in and be like oh i’m gonna start blogging i’m gonna start a blog and then i’m gonna figure out a way to make money it’s better to have a plan like with your finances to make money before actually starting the blog it’s like how you should have a plan to invest your money before you actually make money so that you don’t just have money sitting there and not knowing what to do with it so like so many people like for example for me when i just had a good amount of money in my savings and i didn’t know what to do with it i just spent it like an idiot because i didn’t have a plan for it it’s exact same thing with the blog if you don’t have a plan to make money from day one then it’s gonna be very very hard but if you follow these steps and you do what i just did and start with the end in mind which programs am i going to make money from which content do i need to create it’s a lot easier guys so hopefully this helps guys check out the second link below to get started your blog in the next five minutes or less hopefully this helps and guys comment below which you like best don’t forget to like and subscribe and guys i know i talk about this all the time i’m starting a second youtube channel so if you want more raw rants or i’m just talking unfiltered to the camera i’m talking more things about finance personal life investing travel and all those things make sure you subscribe to the second channel as well and i’ll see you guys later take these guys i love you guys peace [Music] out you

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