How to make money on facebook in 2021

How to make money on facebook in 2021

I’m posting articles about making money online every single day so you can be one of the first to use that strategy use that app or use the website to make money online and that way not only will be one step ahead of your competitors but of course you will make the most money with that being said we’ll jump straight into my computer so I can show you how you can make some destined amount of money with Facebook okay we are now inside my computer and first of all I want to make this clear I want you to know that in facebook you can find literally millions of different small businesses that are trying to promote their service their shop and their product through this social media platform which is really great because social media presence is really important them and you can really grow and attract new customers if they are able to find you on facebook and other social media platforms now don’t worry we will not be building our own page .

you do not need any previous business for this and you do not need any experience at all because it is really beginner friendly and I will show you exactly what you need to do so you can write it right after this article and you can just go out there and start making money so once again businesses created Facebook pages keep this in mind they create Facebook pages in order to promote their business online and to attract new customers well now we’re going to help them we’re going to do something good for them and we’re going to make a lot of money by doing that if that sounds great make sure to drop a like to this article leave a thumbs up because you know they want to see you guys living likes and comments under my articles I know that you are enjoying them and I know that you’re getting value out of those articles which is at the end of the day the most important part for both me and you and if you do appreciate me uplink daily make money line stretches and daily business ideas just hit the like button leave a thumbs up that’s all I’m asking for and if you have any questions or simply need some help always feel free to leave a comment down below because I will be reading to all of those comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible or as soon as I see that comment with that being said worse you need to do first is go over to and create an account sign up the Facebook if you haven’t already create an account its app Brioni will always stay free and I think it’s worldwide available you think it works in all countries create a Facebook account and you want to set up your proper picture and your cover picture once you do that now this is optional there are three options you can either search on Facebook or you can search directly on Google and you you’re going to be searching for different small businesses in small areas so what you can do is you can use for example gold Google this works even easy this is a lot easier than to just a search and Facebook and you will see why and as I said if you keep watching this article all the way to the end .

I will show you how we can maximize your results and I will also reveal to you a super cool secret that not a lot of people know about so come over to Google or Facebook and go to the search bar on either Facebook or Google and you want to search for a small business and a small any small place for example in some of the top-tier countries so maybe I can do like kent ohio restaurants so I’ve already searched for this but you can do literally any other business you can do like t-shirt stores you can do any kind of stores like restaurants and jeans clothing shops private schools you name it you can do it any business in any other small place in a top-tier country so this has a massive potential because you can literally find hundreds of thousands of different places and combine it with thousands of different businesses and bit type of businesses of course I can do like and a higher restaurants and if I search for that in Google .

I will skip the ads and I will just go straight through these so look like in more places and will open up in more places and I want to take a look at some of these restaurants and if they do you have a website that’s a really important part if they do have a website so we will know that they’re actually investing and into online marketing and they didn’t know the true potential that online marketing has and how much they can actually benefit their business so I would example click on this one and I want to make sure that they have a website I will open up this website fab right here that’s going to open up their website their official website and you want to scroll down a little bit and you want to find if they do have their social media accounts over here so these guys do you have so this is our Facebook page you will be able most of this like 90% of these will have a Facebook page and you want to click on that and that’s going to open up another tab where you will be able to take a look at their Facebook page and now you can see it you can see how many allies they have like two thousand people like this page if they’re posting constantly on here or at their last post was like five years ago if that’s the case then run away from them you don’t need that page but these guys are posting regularly so I can definitely make money from this so what do we mean what I would need to do is I would click on send a message and there’s going to be one specific message that we’re going to be selling them and I will help you I will help you do that as well but first of all let me tell you something like when a page when a Facebook or Instagram page they have a way more they’re an actual business it has an Instagram page and Facebook page and if they have more followers or more lies on their page they will obviously look more like an authority and will look way more professional and a lot more people will trust them and a lot more people will come and be willing to go to their place like Oh their restaurant or use our services or buy from their shop and stuff so the more followers the more likes they have that can more benefit them and that can more and that can attract more customers to your restaurant so you’re having a little heart of lights and having a lot of followers on their Facebook page can be a really good investment for their business and now we’re going to help them but here’s a trade guys so if you go over directly to Google and you search for buy a Facebook page likes and that is that is what a lot of people through their run businesses as they want to promote their business online they would go out there and they would search for by faith by Facebook page like this is a mistake so don’t skin down click off this is just a mistake you will not have to do this if you search for by Facebook page lights you can go through all of these and in order to you know they will think like I want to make my page to look more legit I want to make my page look more I’m going to look more like an authority and I want to make this page a little bit bigger so I will buy Facebook Likes and here’s the mistake they will click on some of these websites there’s companies they will go through it and they will see that they can buy like Facebook page likes they can find Facebook page likes so I’ll type in like 1000 Facebook page lies they can buy it for $43 which is believe me a lot $43 for for 1000 Facebook page likes is just a lot and they will just go through there will be like .

I want to grow my business and I’m willing to invest into this and it willing to pull out like even four hundred and five dollars for ten thousand a Facebook page likes and there are some companies that sell it for even more money but now I’m going to show you a super cool trick where you can find the actual suppliers for those phases the Facebook page likes so you can get it for really really cheap and you will not need a website for this you will just get it for relatively cheap and then you will send out with messages through their businesses and you will be selling them up and be keeping a and just pocketing the difference and you will not have to invest any money at all upfront so they will obviously display each of this business will actually pay you first and you won’t just take a small percentage of that you will buy from their suppliers if so not from these websites but actual suppliers that sell it for way cheaper and you will just be a pocket a difference and that can actually be a lot of money you can repeat the process over and over again every single day and now where you can actually gather suppliers this is a really cool trick that not a lot of people know about well rather than just searching for by Facebook page or likes what you can do is search for SMM panels so you can go over to google and search for SMM panel and you will be able to find thousands of different a cement panels that are actual suppliers for those bigger companies there and they sell followers likes subscribers reviews all that stuff they sell it for really really cheap so the one did I know that actually works when you go through all these menus any that you like maybe you can find even cheaper and better one and then I’ve it but the one I know it works I was a you media dot in this is over the yo-yo media dot in you can see that if you click on future services and I want to find the Facebook allies Facebook page likes you can see that I can buy 1000 of them for $12 so if I type in the amount over here 1000 of them you can see that the price is $12 or like 10,000 of them is 120 dollars I can bind him for $190 you can see that other pages are selling them for 400 or even more dollars than that so you can just think about how big potential this actually has so you can go over to this go over to these pages find as many of these businesses with their pages and you can contact them and you can tell them all the benefits that a lot of lies can have for their business and how they can see on us returning that investment and just a little bit more about your services talk about how fast your services and how reliable your services are high quality and all that stuff and then you can also tell them like if they normally use some of these platforms like the insta followers code they would have to pay like $400 for alikes but now if they buy from you they can buy it for like $300 from you and if you’re selling it for $300 and you’re getting it from some of the a cement panels for like 100 five dollars or even cheaper – trust me you can find even cheaper than more than this one I just showed you just an example but you can find way cheaper and better ones as well and you can find it for like 100 or 120 dollars and sell it for $300 and I just pocket deference that can be like 180 dollars or 300 dollars per sale that you make and of course as I said you do not have to invest any money upfront you will just stay the money that this page gives you and this page will like pay you like $300 and out of $300 you will just go to this SMM panel and you will submit that page with a link over here and you will type the amount and you will pay $120 out of those 300 dollars and just keep one hundred and eighty dollars as a pure profit and it all feels like less than five minutes so let me help you out with the message if you don’t know how to start the message let me just help you break the ice so you can just type in this if you want to go with a more formal message you can say like dear sir / madam .

I’m writing to you I’m writing to you in the name of helping you spread your message online and attract new potential clients to slash customers to your business my name is then insert your name and I’ve been working as a social media marketing consultant for the past acts here so you can say like for the past five years for the back six years and so on so forth and then you can just tell them what are the benefits of having more likes on their page how they can attract more and more customers and more clients to their business how good are your services the quality of our services and all that stuff just keep the message and then just tell them your price and of course you can even set a bigger price than this but if you want to make sales quickly then I recommend you go with like a per 10,000 eyes you can go like 3 or $350 per 10,000 likes and then you can do like 30 to 35 dollars per 1000 likes and of course you do not have to sell in 1000 10000 you can do custom orders like 5,000 or 6,000 or 8 hundred lights on two and just keep making this like a service arbitrage you’re just like kind of like doing drop shipping if you’re not actually doing your job shipping it’s kind of like drop servicing but now you do not have to invest any money up front they will pay you and you will just pay with the same with the same money you will just pay it you all those SMM panels and just pocket a difference so this is a really really great way to make bunch of money with Facebook I hope you did enjoy this article and if you did make sure to drop a like to this article and if you haven’t already be sure to subscribe and if yet the Bell I could see you don’t miss any of the new content and if you did not like the strategy then make sure to click on this article because inside I will show you how it can make way more money once again for absolutely free it’s worldwide available and I’m sure that you are going to like it so definitely make sure to click on that article .

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