How To Work at Home in 2021

How To Work at Home in 2021

Hi friends, how are you? I don’t want to waste your time. This article is somehow short, less than 10 minutes But, please please, try to read it till the end, try to read very well especially for the next two minutes because it’s really very important. Before I go to the strategy and show you my dashboard and what I did exactly in this strategy, please read carefully for these two minutes.

we built a business online. The percentage is really very low. Sometimes, I tell you only two percent test the strategy. What I am saying now is only like 0.1% is trying and trying Knowledge by itself is not the keyto do something good. I really don’t know why I really don’t know what are you waiting for. Watching videos will not build you a successful business person. Watching videos and reading content will not help you in doing anything. Knowledge by itself is not the key of success, you have to take action and starting from today a lot of people contacts me on my email tells me Hassan help us.

Three steps, anyone can do it. Anyone can do it. Don’t give any excuse, anyone can do it.

1. create a website,

2. get traffic, number

3. monetize the traffic.

if you go her to my main website, you can see this is my main website, I’m getting per month 264 thousand. Last month it was 141 thousand. So, it’s like 120 thousand more views in only this month following my traffic strategies I explained in detail in a free course. I’m not trying here to sell you anything, just go to my YouTube channel. Please do it just go here, just learn. Go to my YouTube channel here. You’ll find in the playlist section a free courses section.

If you open it, you will find how to get traffic to your website in 2021. Full free course explaining all my strategies that I do to reach this number per month. My other website, H-Supertools, you can see here, I’m getting around 162 thousand views per month, 40 thousand more views in one month applying the strategies explained in my free course. I don’t know what you are waiting for. Create a website, I also explained this in detail in my channel. I don’t know, just watch this video, it’s free courses. All these free courses just watch these four videos, these four courses implement and see these numbers and these numbers in your dashboard. Believe me, I swear, if you do it if you work 2,3 hours a day, after three or four months, you will see these numbers in your dashboard. Believe me, this will happen. It’s only about self discipline, about some hard work, everyday and you will see these numbers in your dashboard. So, believe me the idea is simple. Just create a website, add some content and start getting traffic, after you get traffic, you can monetize the website. As an example, here’s one of my websites H-Supertools, you can see I monetize with ads and with affiliate banners and this is how I make money from this website you can go here to CJ again if you open my balance details or here’s the page If you click on this number, my total number here, you can see both earnings are from H-Supertools, this is the website name here Ok, so this is for affiliate marketing.

If you go here to my dashboard again you can see this earning is from H-Supertools. So, what is ezoic? ezoic simply is a platform to monetize with ads like Google AdSense, ezoic is a Google AdSense partner where it will publish ads on your website. But, what’s nice about in ezoic, it will use machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to see the best ad spaces, the best ad slots, the best ad types, everything the best thing that fits on website and audience to give you the best amount of money, to give you the best income. This is why if you remember in my other videos in Google AdSense, I was earning 20$ per day if you remember in my video when I switched to ezoic, I started earning these numbers per day which is really great so what you are going tp do now starting from today If you don’t have a website or a blog, you have to create one Create a website, start getting traffic, monetize with Google AdSense or with ezoic and with banner ads. I explained this in detail, in detail. Just go to my YouTube channel. Don’t watch a lot of videos, just see the free courses section, the free courses playlist watch it and start implementing from today, it’s only one hour, two hours, three hour videos and watch in three or four days if you have any questions you can ask me if you need help in something, please ask me. Send me an email starting from today I will read every email when I see that you are really working. After you’ve watched these videos, if you have any questions about anything please send me a private email, I will try my best to answer all your questions if I feel that you are really working and leaning. Send me an email to Hasan. ok To sum up, the strategy is simple, create a website, in my case I have H-Supertools and monetize with ads with Google AdSense or with esoic if you want. Now the only drawback in ezoic.

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