Game Developer

Game Developer

Posted 4 months ago

We need a game developer for the location of India Bhopal .

Job Description

  • Work with Product Manager, Product Managers and other Stakeholders to organize resource allocation, define releases and set deadlines.
  • Track and coordinate the smooth execution of feature on content releases. On time, at high quality levels and within budget.
  • Anticipate risks and potential problems and proactively mitigate risks and avoid problems. Have alternate plans in place when things do go wrong.
  • Coordinate meetings and brainstorms to keep them efficient and productive. Document discussions and disseminate decisions, track and follow-through on action items derived to ensure efficient and prompt execution.
  • Work with artists, programmers, and designers to ensure that they are setup to perform at their maximum productivity.
  • Be the communicator that links the production team with internal and external stakeholders
  • Initiate and lead process improvement initiatives
  • Analyze dependencies and bottlenecks in product and formulate smart solutions mobile game developer

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Game developer

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