Make Money by Typing in 2021

Make Money by Typing in 2021

I’m going to show you how to make $250 per day just by typing now you don’t have to be good with this to start and you want to stick with me all the way to the end because I’m also going to share a cooler to heck with you that’s going to make you even more money I’m super excited to share this with you my friend so stay tuned .I glad to know you that you make money by typing in 2021 that’s easy .

the awesome thing that I’m about to show you in this article even if you suck at writing you still can make money with this company you still can make $200 per day and I’m going to show you exactly how to do that now like I mentioned at the beginning of this article if you stick with me all the way to the end I’m also going to show you a heck guys that you can turn that $200 to $400 and maybe up to $800 per day.

I upload a article now there will be absolutely zero selling here guys I’m going to give you pure value I’m going to show you how to make money for free so stick with me always to the end okay guys the name of this company is called Tex broker and it’s going to be right here where it says Tex broker calm I’m going to click on that now Tex broker guys is 100% real there’s no BS here this company right here has been around for years and what’s awesome about it is they work with major companies and they also work with small companies as well now you want to pay attention because that’s where you come in at that’s where that’s how you’re going to be able to make money guys you’re going to be writing for these companies and just to name a few let me blow up the screen a little bit here just to name a few guys you got Yoast here Yoast is basically a company that create software for WordPress you got staples you got eBay here guys so you know it’s legit guys don’t think this is some kind of scam here if you want to make money you’re going to have to stop thinking everything’s a scam I know it’s not everybody but a small percentage of you out there just don’t believe these online programs but they are real especially if they are on my channel I’m not bringing you scams here okay guys so you see the companies that they work with that’s just a small percentage there are thousands of companies that work with Tex broker now I’m going to show you right here where it says I write content click right here where it says why right for a Tex broker so I’m going to show you why you write for Tex broker blow up the screen again one reason is because it’s free guys free registration you don’t have to pay any money out of pocket to get started with this company guys like I said there’s no selling weekly pay off you get paid weekly here guys now you gotta have a balance of ten dollars in order for you to withdraw your money out that doesn’t mean you can just make ten dollars you can make way more than that you got to have your account at least up to ten dollars before you can withdraw the money out direct access to projects Tex broker recruits clients you choose from thousands of orders helpful feedback so Tex broker got a team of people that’s experienced in this and they will give you feedback on your articles to make you better guys they’re going to rate you on a star or system .

you know give you one star two star three star up to five stars and let you know how good you is guys and help you improve to get better it’s your writing skills so you’re going to be able to work your way up within this company flexible time management guys you can work on your own time if you have a tight schedule guys check this out right on your own time as often as you like so you don’t have to worry about you know if you gotta take your kids to daycare or if you got a job you can get off from work and work this site whenever you want free writing resources so they have a blog they have training tutorials and everything to show you how to get better with these guys like I said you don’t need any experience to start with this now I’m going to show you how the payments and everything work so we’re going to scroll up here to the top and we’re going to go to payments so guys you get paid by how many stars you got here guys so if you’re just starting I know a lot of you guys not good Wood writing you know but if you are you know right out the gate you can make a bunch of money start now but don’t get discouraged because even if you’re not good let’s say if you’re a two-star you’ll get paid point seven cents per word and if you’re a three-star if you a pretty decent writer you get paid one cent per word and guys if you are a five-star writer you can get paid up to five cents per word and I’m going to show you what all that means now your goal here is to always get better like I said they provide you with the training they give you everything guys they’re going to go in and check out what you’re doing to make you better so if you stick with this you’re going to get good and you’re going to make the most amount of money but like I said there’s a hat I’m going to show you at the end where all is going to be simplified so next guys let’s check out let’s check out a little bit more about this company here guys how takes broker work ok let me blow up the screen again so like I said registration is free submit a writing sample so they’re going to check out you know they’re going to check out where you qualify it guys so they’re going to rate you straight from the beginning when you submit an order article you know you’re going to either be a 2 star 3 star 4 star or 5 star third get your rating fourth complete your author profile 5 start writing for cash it’s just that simple 5 steps and you’re in business guys so now let’s check out payments guys see how the payments worked here so they got this cool little bar right here guys to let you you know you can mess around with this little bar just to see how much you can possibly make with this program so let’s just say if you are a 4 story writer which is pretty decent and let’s say if you write 4,000 words and I’m going to show like I said guys I’m going to show you how to do this simple so you may be thinking 4,000 is a lot of words but I’m going to like the heck is going to show you how to do this easy guys so if you are a 4-star writer and you write 4,000 words that’s $56 but if you get better and you are a 5-star writer that’s $200 guys $200 so you can write four thousand words a day with these major companies and these small companies out here and make $200 a day but if you do eight thousand words a day that’s $400 and it’s going to be easy for you to do with this heck I’m going to show you guys and right here let me show you something real quick if I can find it let’s go back to how Tech’s broker works so right here guys you can see Tech’s broker pay through PayPal so like I said before you need a PayPal account I’m pretty sure everybody got a PayPal account but if you don’t you definitely need a PayPal account in order for you to get paid okay now let’s get started with the hat that I promised you I’m going to show you how you can turn that $250 into $400 and maybe even eight hundred dollars in a single date and this is how you do it my friend I copied some example articles from my website and I’m just going to paste them in the word counter for you just to show you what 4,000 words look like here okay this is 4,000 words roughly actually four thousand and five words this is what it looked like guys here it looked like a lot but I’m going to show you how to do that easy guys with this hat so what you can do is you can go over to Google Docs it’s free to use .

I’m pretty sure everybody got a Google account if you don’t just sign up for Google and you’ll have access to Google Docs and what you want to do you want to log in and you want to click right here guys where it says go to Google Docs click on that and you click right here where it says blank because it’s going to pull up a blank page and this is what you can do guys to write 4,000 words in about 20 to 30 minutes this is the heck I’m going to show you how to do so you can click right here where it says tools and you can go to voice typing then you click right here to activate your microphone and what you going to do you’re going to voice tight guys you’re going to speak everything that you want on the screen mine is not going to do it because I’m on another computer and it’s not working on this computer but I do it all the time guys you can come here and just speak whatever you want here guys and it would go so fast if you’re not a fast typer or a fast writer or whatever this right here is going to get the job done for you and a very small amount of time that’s the heck guys I hope you enjoyed this article if you did don’t forget to subscribe because I give videos good content out like this all the time like I said there would be no selling in this article but just leave me a like and a comment below let me know that you enjoyed this article and I look forward to making nothing for you peace .Now I think you can earn money in 2021 .

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