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over the past few months and what separates it from the other online business models that you can get into and how you can get started with it right now so basically simply speaking i’ve tried countless other online business models over the past four years including my drop shipping amazon fba social media marketing blogging and even like buying and selling instagram accounts okay i’ve done a lot of things and i’ve tried them all and don’t get me wrong i’ve made a bit of money with them but this business model i’m talking about today has been by far the most simple and profitable online business model for me to date and uh it’s only been about a year and a half since i started this online business model and it’s already blown away all of the others that i’ve already tried okay so if that doesn’t interest you i don’t know what to tell you but this is definitely my favorite online business model and for 2021 moving into it is absolutely perfect for a beginner not only that but i enjoy doing it and at the end of the day it’s very fulfilling okay it’s not just some business model that i’m doing to make money i also like doing it i enjoy doing it and it’s very easy to like so if you’re someone who likes online business models and making money you should um this pairs nicely with it because it is something that’s very fulfilling and something that i personally enjoy doing okay so here’s my last three months with this business model i’m gonna show you my screenshots for my income that i’ve earned from this business model and if you’re looking closely you’ll probably get an idea for what it is because on this screenshots it actually shows some of the products that i’m selling um what they are so if you have a good eye you probably see what’s on these but anyways let’s go through the last three months which were december november and october of 2020 for me okay so this was october in october 2020 selling and doing this online business model through amazon okay and you can see i managed to pull in october 1st to 31st you can see in the middle there beside the big total there which is 10 543 in royalties from these products that i’m selling on amazon and no it’s not fba okay so that was october this is november eleven thousand nine hundred and three dollars and thirty cents and this is all in us dollars so you know you can see on the right there there’s a little drop down it says usd for the currency this was in november and then last month was my biggest month to date and this was december of 2020 you can see it’s 19 127.26 total okay so you can see earning well over 10 000 per month from this business model and you got to take into account things like ad spend for the most part in december i think i spent around 7 500 on advertising so i did manage to pull in over 10 000 in profit but don’t get me wrong you don’t have to spend as much as i do on ads every single month that’s just what i spend and that’s what i’m able to pull in but you could spend way less than that and still make a very good profit every single month from this business model those are my last three months you can see october november december over ten thousand dollars in sales and in october.

i think i spent around four thousand on ads so around six grand uh six thousand dollars total in profit november probably a little bit more like five thousand dollars in ads so around six thousand seven thousand dollars in profit there and then over 10 000 profit in december so what is this business model as you can see on screen here it is self-publishing books yes books books paperback books ebooks um audiobooks through amazon kindle direct publishing and audible acx those screenshots that you just saw me show you um are all from my paperbacks and my ebooks that’s the orange one on the left there it’s called amazon kindle direct publishing or kdp for short and then audible those are it’s a completely different income stream i didn’t show you any screenshots from there but i do earn quite a bit of money from audible on a monthly basis as well so you can add that to the total of those total screenshots that i just showed you a moment ago so audible accounts for usually around 20 to 30 of my income every single month and then kdp is around 65-70 there’s a couple other platforms we publish through but these are the big two okay so that’s the business model let’s go into detail how it works and i’ll show you exactly how you can get started with it okay self-publishing 101 let’s give you a quick um run through of how the business model works and how we do it how i do it and how i teach in some of my programs how to do it as well okay so first things first we find keywords in a non-fiction niche so non-fiction topics would be like self-help business and money those kind of things okay not story books here we’re talking about non-fiction books um that’s not only in demand but also has potential for something that you’re interested in okay and if you can’t find anything that you’re interested in when it comes to books um i find that very hard to believe there’s tons of topics in the non-fiction area that you can make very interesting books about and make lots of money from number two is build the foundation of the book okay so this is when we make the title the outline the description and the cover all for our book after that we find and hire an expert ghostwriter in your niche okay so if you’re writing a business you find an expert ghostwriter who specializes in the keyword that falls under that niche you picked and you get them to write and edit the book based off of your outline you can also hire additional editors for readers to go through it as well but first step is finding a high quality expert ghostwriter in your niche and your keyword okay and uh yes that means that we’re not writing these books okay we’re outsourcing the writing to other people to write them for us and generally speaking these books are upwards of thirty thousand words so we’re getting someone else to write it for us we don’t have to do any of that work we’re just paying someone to do it and getting it done professionally for us okay so if you’re not a writer doesn’t matter you can still get into this business model but you if you are a writer you can still do this business model and write your own books okay either or you can choose your route that best suits you fourth thing we do once it’s written we format and get the book ready to be published and then we go live on kdp so kindle direct publishing and begin marketing and selling our ebook and our paperback book okay from there we create an audiobook after that and that we add an additional income stream from audiobooks and there’s other platforms .

we can distribute our book onto as well that also make us some money okay so there’s tons of different ways to make money with this business model and it’s very profitable given that some of my books that i publish make me upwards of one thousand dollars per month in that december month i just showed you i earned well over two thousand dollars for my best-selling book in that single month okay so just think about having maybe six seven eight nine ten books all making that amount per month think about the potential for income and uh how much you can make from this online business model in 2021 and don’t get me wrong it is very simple to get started with even there’s a lot of steps here on screen that’s not nearly as many steps as it would take to get started with those other online business models i showed you so this is perfect for someone who is a beginner i’m looking to get into online business for 2021 and beyond so in terms of the different kinds of books that we make there are two main types that i like to call long form books and diy style books okay long form books top right there are 25k words they take longer to make than the diy ones around three to four k uh three to four weeks sorry um they cost around 500 and they’re focused on brand building but to be honest with you you need to have both of these in your portfolio your publishing portfolio i like to call it

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