Owlseye Project Launched

Owlseye Project Launched

Owlseye has developed an easy to use web & mobile app which makes a difference by providing effortless maintenance discovery and procurement. Owlseye provide our client personalized value added services to its customers/clients.

Owlseye provide our client personalized value added services to its customers/clients.

Owlseye firmly believe in outsourcing vehicle maintenance as it can help you to achieve immediate and long-term cost savings by reducing spare parts costs and thereby increasing vehicle operating efficiencies. Owlseye streamlined processes, improved productivity, and increased vehicle availability result in a smooth business operation.

 Owlseye Software Features

  • Vehicle Maintenance Log

Owlseye is a vehicle maintenance service and record keeping software which can be used by businesses to streamline their vehicle maintenance scheduling and record keeping. Owlseye can be used as a mobile application for vehicle service and web based platform for maintenance, record keeping & scheduling.

  • Cloud Based Record Keeping
  • Paperless vehicle service log & spare parts all hand held devices.
  • Online dashboard to easily access all vehicle maintenance record.
  • Real time sharing of vehicle maintenance reports.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Software
  • Automatically receive remanding on commercial vehicle maintenance schedule and other task assigned.
  • Online Scheduling feature to let you know who is not completing their trips.

Features of Customized Vehicle Maintenance Program

  • Reduce spare parts costs up to 30% or more by leveraging our unmatched buying power as Central India leading provider of maintenance services.
  • Reduce your need for spare vehicles with an optimally maintained vehicle and repair turnaround times that take hours instead of days or weeks.
  • Increase resale value of your vehicles through proper maintenance.
  • Enhance cash flow by reducing parts carrying costs
  • Manage vehicle costs and meet budget goals through fixed-cost guaranteed pricing or time and material contracts.

Guidelines for Successful Vehicle Maintenance

  • We make every repair in accordance with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards. This is the most cost-effective and efficient approach to assuring proper vehicle operation.
  • Preventive maintenance is a priority. This continuous process improves the manner in which we can diagnose and address issues before they become more costly and detrimental to our level of service. 
  • Use of well-trained and skilled technician’s leads to accurate problem diagnosis, reduced repair costs, and increased vehicle availability.
  • Complete and accurate maintenance records allow us to make rational, logical decisions regarding our vehicles and equipment.
  • We empower each employee with quality control responsibilities which improves employee morale and productivity, increases their quality of work, reduces the occurrence of repeat repairs, and maximizes fleet and equipment availability.
  • Clearly stated performance standards establish shared quality expectations and serve as a guide for management oversight.
  • Tracking inventory by individual part and repair improves inventory management and historically based stock levels.

Our Services

Our Vehicle Services are conveniently located in:


Our quality ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) certified tools employee today’s latest technology and we are equipped to handle all major and minor commercial (Bus/Truck/Commercial Four Vehicle) repair services on Indian Vehicles.

Commercial Vehicles Repair Services that we offer:

For Commercial Vehicle:

When you are dealing with commercial buses or truck no manual process can drive the business resource, utilization, and cost Improvement being asked of you as the Fleet manager. No matter what size vehicle you operate or its location, Owlseye services can provide a proven program of contract maintenance services for your vehicles.

It can help you to:

  • Lower operating and fuel cost.
  • Increase labor productivity.
  • Optimize vehicle up-time & life cycle.
  • Achieve environmental goal.

Owlseye uses the latest state of art technologies and invest in continuous training to ensure that our technician are able to maintain your vehicle to exceptional standard. Owlseye also offers special monitoring tools that gives visibility into critical activities and matrices through V2 GPS Device

Vehicle Maintenance (Make, Model, &Specification)

Owlseye expertise in repairing a vast range of make, model of transport vehicles

  • TATA
  • MAN
  • JCB
  • CAT


Our Specialization


Our Owlseye technical service expert team can help maintaining your vehicles simple and convenient regardless of the make and model of the vehicle. We are a one stop of destination for all your vehicle maintenance needs.  We also have convenient hour’s competitive services & part pricing a long with advanced technology to take the stress out of repairing your school or college bus.

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