School Management Software

School Management Software


15,000.00 10,000.00



  • Create & Manage Class
  • Create & Manage Subject
  • Create & Manage Teacher Profiles and Information
  • Create & Manage Student Profiles and Information
  • Create & Manage Parents Profiles and Information
  • Connect Parent with Student
  • School admission with registration system
  • Create and Manage Online Homework base on Class & Subject
  • Create and Manage Online Exam with result base on Class & Subject
  • Create Class Routine
  • Create Teacher Timetable
  • Create Student timetable
  • Create and Manage Internal News & Event
  • Create and manage question and save it in Bank Question


    1. FRONT-END – Has a front-end look for each user
    2. MULTI ROLE USER – Control Features Access by Different User Roles Multiple User Roles (admin,teacher,student,parents)
    3. CLASSROOM – Create, manage classes for connecting teachers, students, sections, and subjects etc
    4. CLASS ROUTINE – Create, edit, delete daily classes routines easily, with timetable and subject with period start/end time
    5. ATTENDANCE – View and manage attendance report
    6. ONLINE EXAM – Manage, create and setup online exam for classes, while seeing the mark results
    7. NEWS – Create and manage news post.
    8. EVENT – Create and manage event post with time details.
    9. MARK – Add marks for each student and mark can be directly seen by parents and students themselves directly.
    10. QUESTION BANK – Questions Bank for teacher

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