Social Media Optimization Need and Importance

Social media optimization refers to the optimization of a website or elements of a website and its content for mass social consumption so what does that mean social media optimization really is looking at your website from the I of a social media consumption so trying to figure out what elements on your site could potentially be optimized better for social media how is that individual product page going to get shared through social media how might an email be shared through Facebook or how might a Content piece be shared through Facebook or Twitter looking at the elements on your site in determining how you might be able to use social media to optimize your site a bit better to get more traffic or conversions potentially from social channels so there are a few things that you can do to to provide social media optimization for your website things like adding sharing buttons to a content piece might be one element or it might go a little bit further requiring some creative thought in developing a true headline that’s going to be compelling for a social audience so what does social media allow you to do it allows you to drive traffic conversions and allows you to engage with your customers in your prospects .

smo is very similar to SEO and there are quite a few different ways so keywords and on-page elements are still very important meta titles descriptions h1 tags are actually available on social profiles right-clicking and viewing source will allow you to see those elements use keywords and optimization techniques in those areas just as you would with SEO additionally focusing on quality over quantity is important you know try not to add too many sharing buttons to an individual page that might be too much additionally driving traffic is the overall goal just it is as it is really with a lot of SEO activities so think about traffic when you are optimizing for social media additionally links can be used as a metric of success.

Multiple retweets are initiating multiple no follow no follow links social links so look for these potential opportunities as ways to to use the elements of SEO and SM Oh together how do you get started so here are some best practices staying mindful of SEO best practice practices just as you would with on-site SEO don’t use too much keyword stuffing try to look at look at your s mo from the perspective of the end of the end-user just as you would with SEO look for ways to give your audience more social access there are many many ways that you can do this you can use third-party tools you can add Open Graph to your site to use so your users can sign in using Facebook or Twitter those are definitely options as well revoke rewards social actions so if someone retweets you think them if someone likes your page call them out and say thank you show your audience that you reward those social actions that in and of itself could be a social media optimization technique lastly start today it’s definitely never too late to start smo think about your website from the perspective of an end user how might they engage with your website through social channels provide them with the tools that it might take to use those social actions on your website with your content with your site to help provide smo benefits for you

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