15 Tips to Grow Business Online

fifteen things you didn’t know about running an internet business these fifteen things you didn’t know about running an internet business .

1 . branding will help you land new clients or deals : it’s all about how you market yourself and your products a lot of people invest a huge amount of money into sales but if you don’t have your brand strategy up and running how can you actually sell what you’re making you need to be able to distinguish your startup from the millions of others out there that are selling almost the same things you are it’s all about your personality and your voice that needs to come through all your social media channels and your website the visual side of your brand is as important as keeping a fluid communication flow on all your media channels people will see what you put out there and about yourself and your brand so make sure represents you and pulls your product out of the crowd .

2. it’s important to invest your money in new gear and props it can be hard to save up on money as a freelancer or as a start-up owner everything you make which isn’t that much to begin with usually goes into support your own living and well that’s about it what you could and should do with that little extra money you get is not save it but to invest in courses advertising or tools that will help you gain valuable insight or make your business move forward but keep in mind you should make these small investments with a set goal in mind usually this should bring you an increase in your income in a short period of time so we’re definitely not talking about investing in getting a degree for yourself this is about investing in fast returns on investment knowledge or exposure for you and your products .

3. competition is harsh since so many people are in this business there are so many people trying to make it in this business that at first you’ll feel like you’ve jumped into a notion that’s trying to drown you you usually come with your pumped ego and exciting ideas and then realize there are many people with similar ideas to yours that are already out there trying to make themselves seen this is also because there are basically no barriers set by the internet for people wanting to start on this journey so everyone can try it and this makes the competition grow every second there’s also a good side to this you have easy access to all of your competitors information and product details so you can do some research and to rethink your product and the way you put it out there at any time .

4. you have to follow laws and have an accountant Nike slogan just do it will only take you so far hitting the legal reality is usually a shock for every internet entrepreneur having an accountant can help you release yourself from the extra stress of doing taxes but you need to take the first step and get informed about whether the state you live in requires you to collect taxes from your customers if you do not have a physical presence in the state some states do not require this from you but some others do keeping yourself informed and grounded through this whole process will help you in the long run and you’ll avoid getting for not doing your taxes right in the first place .

5. work-life balance will change and so does cash flow if you come from having a steady job and a steady income this will change a lot in the very near future owning your own startup or freelancing puts you at risk for having no income months or very low income months some clients will not pay you on time sometimes you might get scammed so having money come to you on a certain day in the month will be a thing of the past but you’ll learn how to deal with this in time as you will learn how to manage your work-life balance working from home can turn your whole life into a continuous working day that’s where you have to come up with a schedule for yourself and stick to it don’t let your work take over your life.

6. you can make money on the side with google adsense google adsense is a great way to make some extra money from your website or blog just by running some ads on them this also works if you’re a YouTube video creator and you would like to monetize your videos you basically get money from the clicks the visitors to your page make on the running ads just keep in mind this is a side income you cannot make your site and add encyclopedia users come there for content so if you’re constantly selling them something and giving them no valuable content they’ll leave and never come back also make sure to read the rules of each ad network you’re running on your site in order to not violate any Terms of Service.

7. you should be up for developing new skills constantly the Internet is such a dynamic place you cannot suppose that your skills will not be needing constant improvement and development as an online marketer for example the tools available out there change constantly and you need to be up to speed with this and know how to use them you can always find clients that need someone to use a new tool or manage a new type of campaign and this will continue online in time demands are changing with every interview you have and being on your toes reading the news on your area of expertise and investing in training and tools are great ways to keep yourself relevant.

8. you will have to say no to some clients or deals at the beginning of your new freelancing internet job you’ll be excited to say yes to any project that comes your way and this is a good thing you need to get experienced build up your resume and portfolio in order to make a name for yourself but in some cases you need to ask yourself some important questions before saying yes to a new client is the pay equal with your effort do you have the time to do it is it a good brand fit for you if you find yourself answering no to any of these questions you should probably find a polite way to refuse the proposal as it won’t bring you any satisfaction in time .

9. Doing a little pro bono work from time to time is good advertising it is scary starting out on your own and having support from someone who’s already done it goes a long way when you feel hopeless in the beginning this is why giving back to other people that are just starting out will feel great for them but also put you in a good light take some time from your work to help a friend who needs answers to some questions do a little pro bono consult with someone who’s just opening up his new startup answer the emailed questions you receive in a word be open to help others for free this will do a world of good for those people and will also give you exposure to a whole batch of possible clients in the future it’s a win-win situation you could say .

10 recognition will not come immediately don’t expect to be recognized as an authority in your field overnight it takes time dedication hard work and constant updates to your skills and tools to be able to one day be a person of relevance in your niche of work according to self-made entrepreneur and youtuber Gary Vaynerchuk I do believe that people who care less about what other people think about them tend to have a better life it’s just liberating adding I genuinely believe that self-esteem is the ultimate drug in life don’t get carried away by your own ego a lack sirs working and constantly learning is what will get you to where you want to be in life .

11. it’s not a five to nine kind of job so don’t treat it as such being a freelancing social media manager for example it’s not the same as being a social media manager employed at a company you need to track your time and make the most out of it sometimes the periods in which you feel the most productive are those when you’re learning something new and this is great because you get a lot of that as a freelancer learning to prioritize your tasks is something that you need to do fast as it will have a big impact on your clients and their return on investment as a social media expert you’re now required to have both technical and soft skills and this will come in handy for you as a freelancer in a company you’re given your tasks and projects but here you need to choose them schedule them and prioritize .

12. you can make money from teaching others your skills have you ever considered this all of the courses you can now find online are mostly made by people who learned their skill while freelancing and are now selling their experience to the benefit of others you might have to offer some free samples of your content in order to be able to build a premium course in the end but this is just how things go so what could you teach well you could teach people how to write content teach them a language train them in marketing or coding and so much more there are a number of coding academies out there who are making a huge income thanks to people who are eager to learn how to code and thanks to companies that invest in them don’t be shy Alexis get out there and explore your options .

13 . mothers can now work from home and make a living being a stay-at-home mom in 2018 doesn’t mean you can’t still have a well-paid job working a remote job gives them the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the changes in their field and actually take leadership positions while at home with their children they can now choose what tasks to take and what clients to work with according to their own schedule and the amount of time they want to dedicate to their children having this kind of freedom to keep a working and parenting life in balance that works best for you is one of the best things that can come out of Internet jobs .

14 .making video content on YouTube can make you a millionaire being a content creator on YouTube has resulted in gaining a great amount of money and notoriety for some people what do they do well most youtubers create entertaining content for their viewers they play games do reviews put their whole life up on the internet and people love it a YouTube channel called Disney collector was said to have earned between ten and fifteen million dollars in a single year and what does this content creator do well she unwrapped children’s toys and talks about them in a soothing and playful manner that seems to bring a lot of viewers from children and maybe their parents as well .

15. motivation and discipline will be tested constantly keeping yourself motivated and disciplined can be difficult when working as a freelancer so what can you do to improve this find out what works for you find out what works for you do you need social interaction through your working day maybe a co-working space is more suited for you instead of working from home if playing computer games gets in the way of your productivity maybe replacing this habit with a 10-minute break could help you in time discipline comes in time and you can choose what kind of discipline works for you but if you feel the constant need to have colleagues working all the same tasks as you and a boss to give you directions you might reconsider working as a freelancer well a lack sirs that’s a wrap on running an internet business thanks for sticking with us all the way to the end we hope it was interesting and informative for you but we’re curious are you thinking about running your own internet business let us know in the comments and because you stuck with us all the way to the end of course you get a bonus here it is number 16 younger entrepreneurs are opening businesses the best thing the internet offers is equal chances for everyone so no matter your age background and experience you can start your own business online just the same in the past being an entrepreneur was directly associated with the amount of money you had if you knew the right people and whether you’re really successful in your own field the Internet offers you endless possibilities to make your business known in the way you want it to be known no pressure or anything but it’s mostly up to you how people will perceive you and whether they’ll buy your services or not .

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