Which type of website can chitted children under 18 years?

Which type of website can chitted children under 18 years?

We’re going to talk to you today about Internet safety now wait a minute okay before you roll your eyes and say my mom told me all about Internet safety already or my surf instructor explained to me the dangers of leaving it information on the Internet just hear me out all right we spend a lot of time on the Internet here at well-cast and we give pretty awesome advice I think you’ll agree so today we’re going to give you our top four things that you absolutely need to know about Internet safety are you ready .

Tip 1 the Internet is forever ever ever that was all in-house no joke anything that you put on the Internet no matter how old could be there until you have grandchildren of your own who will be googling you I mean if Google is even still a thing in 40 years I mean who knows maybe Bing can make a great comeback so what do you do well start by googling your name your phone number your address just to find out what’s really floating around out there plus it’s kind of fun if you’re on social media and who isn’t use the strictest privacy settings out there tip 2 don’t put personal information online 73% of teens and 68% of young adults are on social networking sites of those people roughly half post personal information phone numbers addresses emails don’t do that if you do it leaves you open for attacks from either cyber bullies are just some weird folks who want to take advantage of you do yourself a favor and ask a trusted friend what private information they can see on your sites .

if you’re not happy with the answer remove it tip 3 don’t forget about smart phone safety in an era of smart phones cybers safety should extend to your phone too especially when it comes to tech safety remember how your parents warned you about accepting car rides from strangers alright don’t accept phone calls or texts from strangers either only answer texts and phone calls from your contact list tip four handle hacking intelligently part of being a member of the world wide web is being aware that no matter how careful you are your account may get hacked getting hacked sucks but it is in the end of the world and there are a few important things to do when you get hacked to ensure your safety a change that password and make the new one secure make it unpredictable according to a CBS article password was the most popular password of 2012 followed by one two three four five six people we can do better than this if you’re really going for all-out cyber safety and you should check to see if your email service provides

2-step verification it’s not impossible but that is a hard nut to crack B check your sent box and let any affected people know that you were spammed especially if your account sent out a phishing link your friends deserve to know what’s up C do a sweep of your computer with antivirus software alright odds are not only did you send something nasty out to your friends you might have something nasty lurking in the recesses of your hard drive d back up your files if there’s a virus your computer doesn’t catch you don’t want to lose everything ok backing up files is totally a chore but you’ll be really happy you did it go ahead and invest in a cheap portable hard drive and keep it somewhere safe to recap remember these points won anything you put on the Internet will be there for a very long time believe me I’ve thought a lot about this – your personal information shouldn’t be visible to everybody 3 do not accept phone calls or texts from strange numbers and 4 if your hacked change your password check that set box and clean off your hard drive ASAP oh well that’s all for me today well casters would you do me a kindness subscribe to our channel sign up for our newsletter to receive sneak peeks and other awesome stuff see you later you you

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